WOWs from West Elm

Sometimes all it takes is one new item to completely transform a space in your home. It could be a major piece of furniture, or it could simply be a fresh decorative piece that adds some life into a stale space. You don’t have to redecorate an entire room (and break the bank) to revive where you live.

I tend to get ‘bored’ with spaces and look for ways to either ‘upgrade’ an staple furniture piece (and possible find a new home for it in another room; making it ‘new’ to that room! tricky tricky) or innovative ways to swap out ‘trendy’ pieces that may not jive with my mood or preference any longer.

West Elm is one of my absolute favorite shops to upgrade my home. I love their vibe, color palette, level of quirk / uniqueness, and overall easy feel.

Here are some of my favorite pieces offered currently at West Elm. Do you spy any pieces that might work to upgrade your own space?

Heath Chair West Elm

Heath Chair
West Elm

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